All Aboard for Fedora 6.0: Release, Updates & the Road Ahead Public Deposited

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This presentation will focus on the latest version of Fedora, Fedora 6.0, how we got there, and specific areas of interest for those in the Samvera Community. We will highlight the most important features available in 6.0 and share migration progress reports and successes from community members. Much of the work done was supported by an IMLS grant-funded project to pilot upgrades to Fedora 6.0 and create a toolkit for others in the community to use in their efforts to adopt and migrate to the latest version of the software and we will share the Grant progress and what this means for Fedora 6.0 users. We will also talk about our plans for the future of the Fedora program and how we plan to utilize community input to focus our efforts.

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