SWORDv3: Deposit protocol, from draft to reference implementation 公开 Deposited



A presentation at Samvera Connect 2020 On-line described thus: Between 2018 and 2019, Jisc funded an effort to refresh the SWORD repository deposit protocol, with modern repository use cases in mind, especially around data repositories. As a result we produced a draft specification, extensively reviewed by a large number of the repositories community, including those from the Samvera and Fedora communities. In 2019, NII provided funding to produce a reference implementation, and we have been working to prove that the specification is implementable and viable. That work concluded in July 2020 with the release of a client library and a server library in Python. Now the SWORDv3 team is looking outward to the rest of the repositories community, looking to engage them in development for their platforms, and to enable novel integrations. This presentation will introduce the spec for those that are not familiar, and describe the technical and community-building work that is ongoing, and call for engagement by the Samvera technical community in working with SWORDv3. The YouTube 'Related URL' below links to a recording of the presentation with closed captioning.

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