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A presentation given at Samvera Connect 2020 On-line described thus: New to Samvera? Welcome! We understand how steep the learning curve may seem when getting started. Samvera 101 is an introductory presentation that will cover fundamental principles with a sampling of common topics and definitions used within the Samvera stack and community. Framework topics include discussions around: Rails, Sidekiq, Data Stores, Fedora, Solr, Blacklight, etc. While application level topics include discussions around: Avalon, Hyrax, Hyku, etc. Like a prerequisite class, this talk is designed to prepare developers and community members for success! Attendees will leave having a greater understanding of Samvera's components and how they come together to create a Samvera application. The 'Related URL' below links to a YouTube recording with closed captioning.

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